My mission in life is
to create sparks
wherever I go, mirroring compassionately yet uncompromisingly.



“Anouk can be dead-serious or hilariously funny —sometimes both at the same time—and is an absolute pleasure to work with.” 


SANDER – Founder of Nibana Festival

“I love Logistics. I am transcendentally realistic, and nothing slips past my attention.”

“I have a lifelong affinity with effective efficiency. 
I am a certified coach and choose projects that make my heart sing.”

“I have a lifelong affinity with effective efficiency.
I am a certified coach and choose projects that make my heart sing.”

“I am extremely fond of laughter, down to earth and deeply comfortable with devotion/spirit.”

Very thorough, clear, fast, experienced, professional and full of fun. You have a zero bullshit tolerance ánd you
have a great way of making me feel safe which makes me show up fully, transparant.


– Consultancy & Coordination client

At this point it seems I am supposed to write some kind of generic story..

About who I am, where I come from and  how I came to be here.. 

But to be completely honest with you: I find it extremely unsatisfying to attempt to capture my self in those limiting  terms. 

Instead I will tell you this: Please contact me, let’s have a chat, a tea,  a walk, a call, and see if we’d like to learn from each other, work together, create some thing beautiful for the  world. 

She is fierce in what she does, is not afraid to say the hard stuff and is very understanding. She has a lot of joy,
heart and passion for what she does!

Liza Hokke

Direct, open and honest – with a soft touch.

Katherine Evans

Very powerful and steady. Loving and realistic. She gave me the feeling of being in safe space whilst also being  challenged.

Marin van Gelderen